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In 2013, the Steering Committee of the Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients met and agreed to revitalize its effort to improve supportive care for kidney patients. A number of short-term goals were identified, along with a need to develop a longer range strategic plan to achieve its overarching goal: create culture change that transforms kidney disease care through the integration of palliative care.

The CSCKP agreed that change will require a multi-pronged strategy of innovative and transformative actions in the strategic domains of policy, quality, clinical paradigms, research, and education.

The Coalition’s strategic plan is expressed as a goal in each domain, along with a prioritized set of key activities to achieve that goal. A final section addresses infrastructure and identity aspects needed to implement the strategic plan. Additional analysis of the environment, barriers, drivers, objectives, and tasks in each domain are included in Appendix 1. Each domain incorporates issues articulated when the committee met in March 2013; those raised by “Five Policies to Promote Palliative Care for Patients with ESRD,” by Manjula Kurella Tamura and Diane E. Meier and the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) June 6, 2013; and, some that have been discerned by consultants.


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Pathways Project Change Packet
The Pathways Project Change Packet contains evidence-based recommendations designed to bring about improvements in the supportive care delivery for patients with kidney disease.