Dialysis Facility Staff

Resources for dialysis clinic staff members concerning advance care planning and pain and symptom management are included in the “For Professionals” pages on those topics.

With approximately 20 percent of dialysis patients dying each year, however, death is a large part of ESRD. It can be hard on both surviving patients and staff. It can be additionally traumatic if a patient dies at the dialysis facility. The following educational tools are designed to help dialysis staff improve end-of-life care and be more prepared to handle death that occurs in the facility.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Resources

The dialysis unit should incorporate do not resuscitate (DNR) policies and procedures, training all staff on how to deal with situations.

The following forms, developed by the Coalition, should be included in the policy and procedure for DNR orders and disposition of the expired patient. These MS Word documents may be used and modified for individual unit needs:

Grieving in a Facility

The loss of patients can be hard on everyone: the patient’s family, friends, dialysis peers, and dialysis staff. Close relationships often form between dialysis patients and staff because of the frequency and duration of time spent together with treatment. The following resources are designed to help surviving patients and staff members cope with these difficult losses: