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Companion Webinar Series on Supportive Care in Nephrology

Nephrology News & Issues is running a series of articles on kidney supportive care, and the Coalition is hosting a series of companion webinars to take a deeper dive into each topic. Slide presentations and recorded webinars will be posted here as they become available.

Medical management of Advanced CKD without Dialysis

Presenter: Susan P. Y. Wong, M.S., M.D.
Date: March 2020
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Serious Illness Treatment Preferences

Presenter: Khaled Abdel-Kader, MD
Date: February 2020
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Advance Care Planning

Presenter: Elizabeth Anderson, DSW, LCSW and Deborah Waldrop, PhD
Date: November 2019
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Promoting patient Choice in the Advancing Kidney Health Initiative

Presenter: Louis Diamond, MBChB and Robert Blaser
Date: October 2019
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Symptom Management for the Dialysis Patient

Presenter: Holly Konicicki, MD
Date: September 2019
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Implementing Supportive Care for the Dialysis Patient

Presenter: Daniel Lam, MD
Date: June 2019
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Systematic Psychosocial and Spiritual Needs Assessment and Management

Presenter: Daniel Cukor, PhD
Date: April 2019
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Navigating the Landscape: Decision Making and Palliative Care for the Older Patient with ESRD

Presenter: Vanessa Grubbs, MD, MPH
Date: January 2019
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Providing Supportive Care: Tools & Resources for the Journey

Presenter: Dale Lupu, PhD
Date: December 2018
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Mapping the Future: Innovations in Kidney Supportive Care

Presenter: Alvin Moss, MD
Date: November 2018
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Past Webinars

Caring for Elderly Patients with ESRD: The Role of Palliative Care

Date: August 2015

Connecting the Institute of Medicine’s Dying in America report with CSCKP’s Strategic Goals

Date: February 2015
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Expanding our Toolbox: Communication in Kidney Disease

Date: July 2012
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2011-2012 Professional Responsibility & Palliative Care: Case Studies on Shared Decision Making for Dialysis Patients Webinar Series

Date: November 2011 – October 2012

Objectives of the 2011-2012 Professional Responsibility & Palliative Care:  Case Studies on Shared Decision Making for Dialysis Patients Webinar Series included defining advance care planning for renal patients, resolving pain and symptom management as related to renal patients, identifying strategies for palliative care, and describing medical management for chronic kidney disease patients who do not want dialysis.

Previously recorded webinars from this series include:

  • Resolving Conflict with Families over Stopping Dialysis
    Date: November 2011
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  • Conflict of Interest and the Care of an Elderly Dialysis Patient
    Date: March 2012
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  • Making Dialysis Decisions for an Incapacitated Patient  
    Date: June 2012
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  • The Octogenarian with AKI Superimposed on CKD and Unclear Dialysis Wishes
    Date: October 2012
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*When you click to open a webinar recording, you are automatically routed to WebEx set-up. Click to install using Java and once installed, the recording will automatically load. This process may take several minutes as webinar recording files are very large (10MBs and higher).